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What ingredients are needed to make vape juice, and what to look out for

What you need to do your own vape juice?

Regardless of the method you will use to create e-liquid, and your preferences for what you want to vape in the end, you will need a vape juice ingredients essential and DIY supplies. Here is your list:

Liquid bases - or in other words, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol: the two most important ingredients in the e-juice. Your basic liquid, which in the end without a sense of zero nic e-juice, can come already mixed in a ratio such as 50/50 or 70/30, but I would suggest buying one liter and 500 ml PG VG to have flexibility during the final ratio of your juice , Make sure they are both pharmaceutical-grade will make sure they are clean enough to use for e-juice mix.

Vape juice concentrate flavor - this determines what you end up juices would taste like. Make sure you only use a concentrate that is made specifically for vape juice and stay away from things like oil-and essential oils in general. There are thousands of individual concentrates to choose from, which can be combined to create unique recipes countless. Brands do matter, and each flavoring has a different flavor notes and potential (you can find examples in the e-liquid recipe guide me). When starting out, I suggest finding some high-rated recipes that you feel you would like, and buy special concentrate for this recipe. You can also buy one-shot, where some flavor pre-mixed. It is ideal for beginners, and some great juice makers already sell their own ranges as concentrates one-shot.

Nicotine - Nicotine is optional, of course. Nicotine strength you choose to buy depends on the desired level of nicotine. A 100 mL bottle of 36 or 48 mg / mL nicotine should be sufficient for a beginner. Nicotine is usually suspended in a solution of PG, but you will be able to find it in a different ratio if you shop around. Be careful when handling and storing the nicotine. Its efficacy as toxins tend to be exaggerated but make sure you keep a high strength of nicotine from the skin and face. Always use gloves while handling nicotine and nicotine please keep the bottle out of the reach of children.

Bottle storage - Store your base fluid in squeeze bottles individuals with nozzle tips to make it easy to add your homebrew. Some 100 mL bottles of spices to be ideal. If you use nicotine, nicotine keep you in amber or cobalt-colored bottles of dark and dense glass helps slow degradation.
E-juice Bottle - For your initial trial, bought a selection of 10 mL plastic bottles for recipe testing and about 60 ml bottles to make a large number of homebrew favorite e-liquid you. PET and HDPE plastic is an excellent choice for long-term storage, but LDPE also should do the trick. It is cheap and widely available.
Label - Buy some cheap sticky labels to write the details before sticking the bottle. In time, you may find it easier and more polished using Dymo label makers like 160.
Gloves - Always have a box of disposable gloves handy. It is very valuable and is available in every corner drugstore.
The rest of the equipment depends on the mixing method you will choose to follow:

Syringe to mix the volume: You have a large selection of syringes. I suggest getting some 10-30 mL syringe to your base liquid, and a lot of 1-5 mL syringe to nicotine and flavor concentrates. You will also need some needle-I suggest 14 a measure to make dealing with thick VG easier.
A scale for mixing weight: You will need an electronic scale with a precision of 0.01 grams. It is accurate enough to handle all the DIY e-liquid recipes. You should also ensure that the scale can weigh at least up to 200 grams and 500 grams ideally-you might think that 100 grams is enough, but if you ever decide to mix a larger amount or the use of glass bottles you will need extra headspace. If you want to scale a reliable and affordable, American Weigh Scales LB-501 is regarded as the gold standard by most DIYers out there. It weighs up to 500 grams gradually 0.01 grams, and it comes with calibration weights and a 10 year warranty. Finally, you'll need at least one syringe or pipette to your nicotine-this way you can have more accurate results and avoid spills nicotine.

Materials to avoid
Here's a list of ingredients that people often wonder if they should use in their vape juice, but they really do not have to:

Each type of flavoring that are not specifically made for DIY vape juice (potentially dangerous)
Essential oils, and oils (necessarily dangerous)
Every kinds of household items that may seem like a good idea (not)
Very high strength of nicotine (unless you work in the laboratory)
Two materials that have been the subject of debate in the DIY community and vodka distilled water. People have been using them for e-aqueous liquid, but with teeth vape today they have been given practically useless. Some swear that the water helps with taste, but I can tell you from experience that it would make you vape pop and spit. I highly recommend staying away from anything other than VG and PG when it comes to e-liquid base.

Vape juice DIY kit
If you prefer to get all your DIY gear in a bundle, there are many kits out there to choose from. Most beginner DIY kit will come with all the essentials you need to get started.

Most DIY kits are bundled for mixing with volume and will include a variety of syringe along with e-liquid material is important. If you hesitate between weight and volume, buy a starter kit and scale. This way you can give it a good try and decide what is best for you. But even if you have decided to mix weight, buy a starter kit DIY does not hurt. Chances are you'll end up using all the elements included in the kit in time.

But then there Liquid Barn. One of the very few suppliers offering both options on their website, e-juice DIY starter kit page they have a drop-down menu that allows you to choose between volume or weight. weight kit they are really cheap, because it includes the LB-501 scale I mentioned in the previous section, along with ten flavors of your choice, the basic liquid and bottles. Make sure you include them Vanilla Ice Cream, Blue Raspberry and my personal favorite, they Lava cake in your kit. This is some very useful concentrate to play with. Nicotine is not included, but you can find it under PG / VG / Nic section at the top.

E-juice calculator: an essential tool
If you want to mix accurately and have the results be replicated, you will need to use a calculator vape juice. A calculator to simplify the entire process by providing all the info you need, whether it's the amount of nicotine needed to achieve the strength of your favorite, or how much of each ingredient you will need to end up with a delicious bottle of juice e- 70/30. It may sound challenging, but it's super simple once you get the hang of it.

Many web-based calculators, while others are available for download to mobile or desktop. One of the easiest and most popular is a web-based calculator of (ELR). It is super simple to use once you get the hang of it, and has a large database of recipes and even a forum where you can ask questions or discuss all things DIY. One of the most useful features of the website is "what can I do?" button underneath the "flavors stash". Once you have your flavor to your account, you can get a list of recipes that only use items from your taste savings!

If for some reason you do not want to use a web-based calculator, here are two more options for you:

Juice Grinder (desktop) - calculator with an intuitive interface and many additional and tools to play with. Free edition has almost everything you will need to start mixing (with up to 20 flavors!), While a donation of $ 15 opening inventory features. It even features a series of situational useful calculator, as well as compatibility with other eJuice Me UP-based desktop calculator.

E-Liquid Calculator - vape Tool (Android) - easy to use mobile calculator to mix up to eight flavors. Mixing heavy require additional steps in this calculator, because you will have to first save your recipes to gram appears. The free edition comes with ads, but they are not very intrusive interface.

Ready? Time to make some vape juice!
So you got yourself all the materials and equipment needed, and it is time to start mixing. Some people want to start using their hunch, but from my personal experience, it's not the best idea. Check the e-liquid recipe my guide, or go to the ELR or ATF and recipe ratings by the ratings for some of the tried and true mixture. For the sake of this example, I will use two flavors mix-ELR's very simple user TheJuiceFairy OhoSsOhO (Tribecca-ish) recipes, called for 3% and 10% Meringue FA FA Soho-sweet caramel and tobacco-infused beans.

Head to this ELR calculator. Start by filling in milliliters, nicotine (in mg) and the ratio of the basic liquid end product you're shooting for, and the strength and the ratio of nicotine that you have on hand. For this example, I'm going to 50 mL, 60VG and 6 mg nicotine, and am using 36 mg of nicotine PG 100% basis. Then add the flavors you will use the percentage-note that if you are using any prescription ELR you can skip the last part by pressing the blue key icon and click the "adaptations".


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