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Here are some of the side effects that can occur with vaporizer

Although not Vapes medical device, can cause side effects of some users.Due to various devices and juices Vape, as well as differences in how often the vaporizer use and how rare side effects occur people, is not universal.

1, dry mouth

One effect secondary common dry mouth vape.The highly relevant to the basic components of electronic liquid: PG and VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine) is .SECOND a humectant, which is exhausted to keep moist.But often used also hygroscopic, i.e. absorbs water.


If you have dry mouth, oral solution for use Biotene mouth, or you can drink more water.These two ways einfachstene have water, will not be resolved back in the boca.Si being, contact personnel.Chronic professional oral care it can be dry mouth, a symptom of dehydration and its health complications, if left without serious oral treatment.


2 Nausea

If you feel is sick, it can be frustrating to nicotine.Stomach frequent side effects nicotine, similar to the side effects of nicotine replacement therapy over-the-counter be such as gums and patches.Smokers often report the same information when they start smoking,


If the nausea are not used for the use of nicotine, perhaps to reduce in response to the special vaporizer that tries using.You juice or eliminate these possibility.But, such as dizziness and drowsiness caused by smoking and nicotine treatment as a rule, stomach problems, even if you take a little time.However, if the problem does not go away or cause real distress, it is best to seek immediate treatment

3, dizzy

A the same as the first time you smoke, you do not usually feel dizzy smoking.This again once you have gone through saat.Sarapan to an end appearing: a vaporizer nicotine high.


If you are worried about the headache, it is to reduce consumption at best, not the amount of vaporizer in a short period of time.If want to reduce this might get lost because your body gets used to nicotine.

4 Headache

present if you have just finished smoking, headaches uncommon.Although that you can not still get nicotine from the vaporizer, snuff contains nicotine and other alkaloids are small physiological effects in other user.No alkaloids in vape.If you just pavilion left before smoking and the use of nicotine, nicotine headaches first may not be enough.

If your headache is not quitting because of the possibility dehydration.Headaches are common symptoms of dry mouth dehydration.If her persistent headache, the media can not drink water.If this work, ask your doctor.


5, cough

When first introduced to vaporizer, many people frequently complain of cough usually caused by a wrong way caused by such high inhaling.For nicotine inhaled directly into the lungs, or a nebulizer is used with a high air flow.


If you have enabled to check the flow of air from the device without coughing it.If it was as close as straw coffee, it does not mean lung.If mouth like a milkshake straw was, the device is directly inhaled directly lung in the lungs immediately blown and the must and is recommended by 6 mg / ml or less nicotine.

6 sore throat

Nicotine, propylene glycol, spices and nickel in the turns of the coil used nebulizers.Some sputtered used and is not unusual for the user are: sore throat, various causes of allergy to nickel.


If you think based juice Vape this issue, trying to find a higher proportion of VG or concentration.If nicotine reduce insurance juice spray or nicotine, check to see the specifications of the device if it is the coil or coils of nickel with a higher nickel content, such as a nickel-chromium (usually appears as Ni80) .If certain coil is not available, it must be replaced with a metal coil that clearly the use of steel stainless steel or Kanthal describes - stainless steel and nickel may contain, but can usually up to 10% .If an appointment with your doctor to get past a sore throat to do.

7 chest pain

You can have different causes high amounts of nicotine, or some particular tastes juices.Some vaporizer user forum cinnamon spice powder contains cinnamaldehyde chemical pain.Whatever cause chest can cause chest pain is not a trivial show that acute pain in the chest. Vape is causing health problems may show.


If you have pain in the chest caused by smoking occurs, the device must be performed, nicotine, or changing the coil reduce nebulizer or flavor.Try reduce changes throughout the device to turn on when it is! Needs if you have a problem you can not solve, make an appointment with your doctor.

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